Psychic Wines


Wine Club

Featuring new releases from growers we admire, wines that suit the season, the mood, the moment. We write a bit about each wine, and include a recipe from a friend, and tie it all together for you in a little booklet. Membership in either club comes along with 10% off of all in-store purchases, a free PSYCHIC WINES tasting glass, as well as an invite to our once monthly Visions release party. Food, wine, and good vibes in abundance.




$50/month, 2 bottles

Visions 1 is a great way to get acquainted with the focus of the shop. Membership includes 2 everyday drinking wines which vary in style from month to month, depending on pricing and availability, and what has us feeling inspired.



$120/month, 4 bottles

Visions 2 elaborates upon the two bottles included in the first membership, lacing it with two additional bottles that you could categorize as being a bit more "serious". That could reference the characteristics of the wine itself, its aging potential, or its limited availability.


Send your filled PDF to or drop off a printed copy in-store.